Make your credit redemption online quickly


Whether it is to make a purchase of official credit or for all other professions, you will appreciate the speed of an online credit redemption. All you have to do is list all of your consumer credit, auto credit and credit work if applicable in your credit redemption request. Do not wait, a credit redemption or credit consolidation can allow you
to balance your budget again.

From credit redemption simulation to credit redemption

From credit redemption simulation to credit redemption

Once the total amount of all your consumer loans, personal loans and online credits has been entered on the loan consolidation form; you will get a credit simulation for your buyout. You will have previously informed your income and your monthly expenses (rent, alimony, mortgage to keep …). 

Upon receipt of your credit application, we call you to take stock in more detail about possible incidents of payment (number of rejections of the last 3 months of account statement, delay in the payment of charges, taxes or other invoices). With this clarification, we choose the credit agencies that can respond favorably to your loan application.

Credit buyback advice

This is where our professionalism comes into play, listening to you, we find with you the best formula with a lower APR, the solution best suited to your situation.  But, there are situations in which an online credit redemption is not possible immediately. For example, when there are too many direct debits on your last 3 months of account statements, one or more checks rejected and not regularized. It is then better to wait until your banking situation improves and review your request to buy back credit within 2 or 3 months rather than submit your file and a refusal that would require you to wait 6 months before being able to represent your credit application.

What is the best bank for a credit redemption?

What is the best bank for a credit redemption?

This is the one that will offer you the best APR, reduced fees and especially the possibility of applying for a delegation of insurance borrower. It is the bank that will give you an illico answer like a fast credit online. We are responsible for completing your credit consolidation application.

Whether it’s for a simulated or online employee loan redemption, or other professional status, we’re here to help you and find the best buyout for you.

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